About The Health Ambassadors

Issue: Health and Wellness

Grant Amount: $82,318.00

Location: Centreville, Alabama

Year Funded: 2015

Organization: Bibb County Schools

Bibb County Schools Establish student health ambassadors for each school with senior student spearheads. Focus on Diabetes Awareness and Prevention for the 2015/16 school year. Enhance the county wide, state benchmark, Health Fairs with stronger emphasis on diabetes awareness and prevention.

One segment of the dual purpose request will select and train students for leadership roles and teaching other students the importance of healthy choices to take control of their own bodies to live long, healthy lives.

The Health Ambassadors, the students preferred title, will represent the student body regarding health concerns and communicate those with school district personnel, local government authorities, and community led organizations. In addition, they will focus their actions on the district annual theme of diabetes awareness and prevention.

The second aspect of the dual purpose improves and expands the annual Health Fairs, or school based health screenings, for each school in the district. The assessments currently include height, weight, body mass index (BMI) calculations, hearing, vision, scoliosis and blood glucose tests. Cholesterol tests are done for students in grades 9-12, but we would like to expand to include grades K-8.

Results for each student are sent home to the parents and the school nurse maintain results working with high risk students and those needing help.

A community organization has led the Health Fairs, and has maintained thorough records for the past 20 years, however have very little analysis of the data. We rely totally on the parents and school nurses to follow-up on the results.

As a part of the Student Health Ambassadors Program, we would like to help in the recruitment of students to participate in the Health Fairs, help computerize the data, and draw conclusions from the data. We would like to develop age appropriate interventions from the data, such as exercise classes, walking track programs, better snack choices, and lunchroom options.

Meet The Ambassadors

Bibb County Career Academy

Bibb County High School

West Blocton High School

Randolph Elementary School

Brent Elementary School

Ambassadors in Action

Diabetes Alert Day

This event was held on March 22, 2016.

100 Mile Challenge

Lots of walkers ready to make good choices for better health at Brent Mayor Stripling's 100 Mile Challenge!

Glow Run

On March 22, 2016 The Health Ambassador's hosted a Glow Run at the Brent City Walking Track!

Health Fair

University of Alabama Nursing Students Assist with Health Fairs at Centreville Middle, and Woodstock Elementary

Ambassadors Agenda